Current state of locomotive No. 9

The Foundation "City of Energy" entrusts the restoration of the Wagner locomotive No. 9 to the MECALPER company. It is not the first time that the Foundation grants this company such a responsibility, as the restoration work carried out on locomotive No. 8 can be seen at the National Energy Museum.
The locomotive was transferred to the MECALPER workshops on 8th February 2012 where the restoration work will be carried out. The investment increases to €251,750.
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Original No. 8

Restored No. 8

Following an investment of €175,000 the North American Baldwin locomotive No. 8 called “Ponferrada” is transported to our workshops on 17th September 2010 for restoration purposes. This treasure is delivered to the National Energy Museum in Ponferrada (at the facilities of the old M.S.P. power station) on 9th February 2011, after undergoing 5 months of reconditioning work. The No. 8 has consequently become the prime attraction at the old M.S.P. power station.

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In 2004 a small railway carriage was restored and presented to the railway museum of Ponferrada. It measures 2.5 square metres and used to be manned by engineers or track workers to monitor the lines.
The owners of MECALPER have been chosen to feature in the book “Personajes relevantes del Bierzo,” (Personalities of Bierzo) edited by Ramon Cela López in recognition of their role in the development of the Bierzo region.
During the restoration of the steam locomotives the MECALPER workshops were visited by representatives of the government, the regional administration, the provincial administration and the local town council. Such was the curiosity generated by the restoration that there were almost daily visits and it even attracted the interest of local schools.
On 1 June 1998 one of the owners of MECALPER presented the famous broadcaster Luis del Olmo with a replica of one of the metallic plaques that identified the North American steam locomotives.