In the last
two years
orders have
been accepted
from France
and Germany.

  MECALPER S.L. was set up in the 80s. Today it boasts a 10,000m2 plant, a workforce of 30 and all the heavy machinery necessary to undertake a wide range of projects. This includes lathe tools, milling cutters, drills, hydraulic presses, shears, press brakes and cutting, threading and bending machines.

For many years MECALPER S.L. has worked principally in the mining sector but over the last
  few years it has increasingly looked towards other areas of the economy and most importantly the slate industry with machinery engineered specifically for this market.

MECALPER S.L. has also been involved in the construction and assembly of steel structures such as industrial units and has built and set up several of these structures in neighbouring Galicia.